About Us

Company META LOGISTIC has established contacts in the countries of Europe with international organizations and agencies that allow controlling the movement of goods at any stage of transportation, from the place of loading to the final destination. We cooperate with well-known companies, delivering as soon as possible and complying with all necessary procedures. It is enough to ask for help and the expert will correctly calculate the approximate cost of transportation from Europe, and possibly will offer a more advantageous route and delivery method. Transportation of goods from Europe is carried out within 2-5 days, depending on the location of the contractor and the customer.

The park consists of 22-tonnewned tent cars with a capacity of 92 -105 cubic meters. (all types of downloads). The cars are equipped with all necessary means of fastening of cargo. The main flow of traffic is carried out to the countries of Europe namely France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands.

Transport company “META-LOGISTIC” has been working on the market of international road freight for more than 10 years. The great experience and professionalism of our team guarantees the reliability, safety and speed of delivery of your cargo.

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